Architecture Proposal

Anonymized Mapping Project X/Y Thinking about this Project X/Project Y revision with respect to options and constraints over the past couple of hours and »

DotNetFringe 2016 - Recap

Originally written July 2016 Point 1: Open Source projects are the default case for organizations. Explicit reasons are required not to make an application open source. »

Code Proposal

Original written July 2016 Code is difficult to write, easy to break, and constantly changing. To help developers concentrate on the code tasks at hand we »


Company culture is the by-product of consistent behavior. What you do always wins against what you intend to do. - Jason Fried Poor management practices Lack »

Scaling Agile

Not possible. Words mean things and actions have effects. Stop forcing processes that are detrimental on people. Myth of scaling »

Change Tracking Trigger

Creates a trigger that tracks all successful changes on a table and writes the time of last change while dynamically determining the calling table name. DROP »